Proceedings alphabetical order (G - L)

Gabbasova, I.M. – Suleymanov, R.R
Environmental effect of reservoirs accumulating highly mineralized oil-field waste waters. (pdf)

Ghadiri, H. – Hussein, J. – Rose, C. – Yu, B. – Abedinia, M.
Predicting vegetation buffer efficiency in reducing runoff transport of sediments and nutrients. (pdf)

González-Pelayo, O. – Andreu, V. – Gimeno-García, E. – Campo, J. – Rubio, J. L.
Post-fire changes of Soil Water Retention Capacity in a Mediterranean shrubland soil. Under canopy and bare soil microenvironments. (pdf)

Grinlinton, D.P. – Palmer, K. A.
Integrating sustainability into water and soil conservation – the New Zealand model. (pdf)

Grundy , M.J.
Extracting task-specific soil and landscape information from soil survey. (pdf)

Hatira, A. – Baccar, L. – Grira, M. – Benmansour, B. – Gallali, T.
Analyse de sensibilité du système oasien et mesures de sauvegarde de l'oasis de Metouia (Tunisie). (pdf)

Herczeg, E. – Balogh, Á. – Nagy, A. – Vona, M. – Malatinszky, Á. – Centeri, Cs. – Penksza, K.
Studies on connections between soils, vegetation, management and erosion in human influenced grasslands of the northern Hungarian mountain range. (pdf)

Hu, M. – Wang, R. – Meng, Q. – Wei, H.
Rainfalls, Landslides and debris flows intergrowth relationship in Jiangjia Ravine. (pdf)

Hudek, C. – Rey, F. – Molnar, E.
Influence of Mahonia aquifolium population on erosion control in a mountainous area in Hungary. (pdf)

Hurjui, C. – Nistor, D. – Petrovici, G.
The Evolution Of Catchment Gullies In Studinet And Simila Watersheds, Eastern Romania, During The Last 25 Years. (pdf)

Hurjui, C. – Nistor, D. – Popa, N. – Petrovici, G.
Rill And Inter-Rill Erosion Measurements In Tarnii Valley, Eastern Romania, After Historical Rainstorm Events In September, 2007. (pdf)

Isaie, H. – Soufi, M.
Classification of Gully Erosion Based on Morphoclimatic and Soil Characteristics in the Northeast of Iran, Golestan province. (pdf)

Jabro, J.D. – Jabro, A.D. – Domalski, R.
The Complexities of Discussing Soil Vapor Extraction Techniques with Non-Scientists. (pdf)

Jabro, J.D. –Sainju, U.M. – Stevens, W.B. – Lenssen, A.W. – Evans, R.G.
Long-term tillage frequency effects on dryland soil physical and hydraulic properties. (pdf)

Jalilian, A.H.
Groundwater flow modeling using visual modflow, a case study from southwest Iran. (pdf)

Jiao, J. – Bai, W.
The potential for vegetation restoration from soil seed bank in abandoned croplands on the hilly-gullied Loess Plateau, China. (pdf)

Jiao, J. – Zhang, Z. – Jia, Y. – Wang, N . – Bai, W.

Species composition and classification of natural vegetation in the abandoned lands of the hilly-gullied region of North Shaanxi Province. (pdf)

Jiménez, C. – Tejedor, M. – Neris, J. – Fuentes, J.
Influence of the change in land use on the soil water properties of Andisols (Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain). (pdf)

Jitareanu, G. – Ailincai, C. – Raus, L. – Ailincai, D.
Long-Term Effect of Cropping Systems and Organo - Mineral Fertilization on Production and Soil Quality in the North-Eastern Romania. (pdf)

Ju, H. – Hong, M.
The Study on Benchmark and Indicators for Desertification Monitoring and Assessment in Asia Region. (pdf)

Karimi, R. – Jalalian, A. – Eghbal, M.K. – Ayoubi , S. – Toomanian , N.

Landslide hazard in central Zagros region in Iran. (pdf)

Kessaissia, A. – Mahieddine, M. – Hamoudi, A. – Laribi, G.
Application of cactus line in reducing and control run off in a small watershed situated in the north west of Algiers (Mediterranean climate). (pdf)

Kebede, F.
Secondary Salinisation in the irrigated fields of Mekelle Plateau of the northern Highlands of Ethiopia. (pdf)

Keizer, J.J. – Nunes, J.P. – Palacios, E. – Beekman, W. – Malvar, M.C. – Prats, S.A. – Ferreira, R.S.V. – Varela, M.E.

Soil erosion modeling for two recently burnt eucalypt slopes: comparing USLE, MMF and initial MEFIDIS results. (pdf)
Khaksar, K. – Haghighi, S.
Investigation on soil conservation and soil stability with geogrid in the arid and semi arid area (Varamin, Iran). (pdf)

Khaledian, M.R. – Mailhol, J.C. – Ruelle, P. – Forest, F. – Rollin, D. – Rosique, P. – Delage, L.
The impacts of no-tillage on grain yield of durum wheat and energy requirement in the Mediterranean climate. (pdf)

Kostadinov, S. – Zlatic, M. – Dragovic, N. – Todosijevic, M.
Soil erosion and the possibility of its control in the watershed of the water reservoir “Prvonek”. (pdf)

Kovács, F.
Evaluation of landscape changes using GIS methods with special regard to aridification. (pdf)

Kozybaeva F.E. – Beiseeva G.B. – Mursalimova E.A. – Saparov G.A.
Disturbed and degraded soils of Kazakhstan. (pdf)

Kumar, S.
The impact of climate change on soil hydrology and degradation: an assessment of vulnerabilities in Ireland. (pdf)

Levei, E.A. – Senila, M. – Miclean, M. – Roman, C. – Abraham, B. – Cordos, E.
Surface water pollution with heavy metals in Baia Mare mining basin. (pdf)

Li, T. – Wang, G. – Huang, Y. – Fu, X.
Response of soil erosion and sediment yield to the temporal variation of precipitation in the Loess Plateau. (pdf)

Li, R. – Yang, Q. – Wen, Z. – Zhang, X. – Mu, X. – Gao, P. – Liu, Z. – Liu, W. – Liao, C. – McVicar, T.R. – Tom, G. – Zhang, L. – Van Niel – Li, L.

Regional impact of re-vegetation on water resources A case study in the Loess Plateau. (pdf)
Li, S. – Xu, X. – Lei, J. – Wang, Y.
Research on Features of Sandstorms in the Hinterland of Taklimakan Desert- A Case of Tazhong Area. (pdf)

Liu, J. – Liu, J-H. – Sun, H.
Research of sediment yield statistical model for single rainstorm in Chabagou drainage basin. (pdf)

Llovet López, J. – Josa March, R. – Vallejo Calzada, R.
Soil surface compaction: How land abandonment interacts with fire in Mediterranean conditions. (pdf)

Lopez-Fando, C. – Pardo, M.T.

Changes in soil carbon storage in long-term rotation and tillage trials in Central Spain. (pdf)

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