Proceedings alphabetical order (M - S)

Mahardhika, H. – Ghadiri, H. – Yu, B.
Effects of Polyacrylamide and Gypsum on Soil Erosion and Sediment Transport. (pdf)

Makovníková, J. – Barancíková, G.
Approach to assessment of transport risk of inorganic pollutants on the basis of immobilization capability of soil. (pdf)

Malvar, M.C. – Prats, S.A. - Nunes , J.P. – Keizer, J.J.
Micro-plot scale overland flow generation and soil erosion in two recently burnt eucalypt stands in north-central Portugal: measurement and modeling results for simulated and natural events. (pdf)

Mamedov, A.I. – Shainberg, I. – Skidmore, E.L. – Levy, G.J.
Polyacrylamide Molecular Weight and Phosphogypsum Effects on Infiltration and Erosion in Semi-Arid Soils. (pdf)

Manu, A. – Thurow, T. – Zanguina, I.
A Process-Oriented, Landscape-Scale Approach to Soil and Vegetation Restoration in a Degraded Sahelian Agroecosystem. (pdf)

Mazour, M. – Morsli, B. – Touil, A. – Kasmi, M. – Roose, E.
Aménagement et techniques traditionnelles de conservation de l'eau et du sol dans le nord ouest algérien. (pdf)

McCool, D. K. – Qiu, H. – Dun, S. – Williams, J. D.
Success of SPAW and WEPP in simulating accumulation and melt of snow. (pdf)

McCool, D.K. – Wu, J.Q. – Greer, R.C. – Dun, S. – Singh, P.

Current water erosion studies at Pullman, WA, USA. (pdf)
Mehdipour, A. – Soufi, M. – Baniasadi, M. – Alizadeh, M.
Comparison of Mechanical Alternatives for Gully Development Mitigation Case study: Kerman Province, Southeast of I. R. IRAN. (pdf)

Miclean, M. – Roman, C. – Levei, E. – Senila, M. – Abraham, B. – Cordos, E.
Heavy metals availability for plants in a mining area from North-Western Romania. (pdf)

Mohammadi Torkashvand, A.
Investigating and Proposing a Methodology for Preparing Erosion Types Map by Using Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems. (pdf)

Mohammadi Torkashvand, A.– Haghighat, N.
GIS: Some Models for Preparing Erosion Features Map. (pdf)

Montanarella, L. –Tóth, G.
Desertification in Europe. (pdf)

Motuzova, G. – Barsova N.
Barrier functions of soils and sensitivity of environment to pollution. (pdf)

Nagy , A. – Tamás, J.
Plant canopy classification methodology based on hyperspectral data cube on a polluted mining site. (pdf)

Nasri, S.
Characteristics and hydrological effects of a cascade of benches on a semiarid hill slope in Cenral Tunisia. (pdf)

Nedelcu, L. – Tomescu, Gh. – Tuas, M.
Future of Lands Degraded by Erosion in Romania. (pdf)

Nemes, A. – Timlin, D.J. – Quebedeaux, B. – Reddy, V.R.
Evaluation of the cropland modelling component of the U.S. national scale CEAP project: estimation of soil hydraulic properties. (pdf)

Nunes , J.P.
Response of runoff and erosion during extreme events to climate change in Mediterranean watersheds. (pdf)

Obando-Moncayo, F.H.
Management of soil erosion for sustainable crop production in the Central Andes of Colombia. (pdf)

Odunze, A.C. – Dim, L.A. – Heng, L.K.
Water Supply and Rain-fed Maize Production in a Semi-Arid Zone Alfisol of Nigeria. (pdf)

Pal, I. – Al-Tabbaa, A.
Monsoonal climate variability and its impact on the susceptibility of rainfall to cause erosion. (pdf)

Pascual Aguilar, J.A. – Andreu, V. – Rubio, J.L.
The inventory, quantification and evaluation of soil sealing as a Desertification process. (pdf)

Pascual Aguilar, J.A. – Gimeno-García, E.V. – Llovet, J.
A recent history of Mediterranean wildfires and its influence on soil erosion. (pdf)

Pásztor, L. – Pálfai, I. – Bozán, Cs. – Korösparti, J. – Szabó, J. – Bakacsi, Zs. – Kuti, L.

Digital mapping of lowland excess water hazard. (pdf)
Pásztor, L. – Szabó, J. – Bakacsi, Zs.
Identification of nitrate vulnerable zones applying functional soil mapping. (pdf)

Pásztor, L. – Szabó, J. – Bakacsi, Zs.

Regionalization of soil degradation processes in Hungary. (pdf)
Pásztor, L. – Szabó, J. – Bakacsi, Zs. – Dombos, M. – László, P.
Exploiting spatio-temporal features of Digital Kreybig Soil Information System for the identification of regional scale soil degradation processes. (pdf)

Peto, Á. – Bucsi, T. – Centeri, Cs.
Comparison of soil properties on slopes under different land use forms. (pdf)

Pierson, F.B. – Kormos, P.R. – Williams, C.J.
Hydrologic and erosional impacts of pinyon and juniper encroachment into sagebrush steppe communities of the Great Basin, USA. (pdf)

Pla Sentís, I.
Water management under changing climate and land use: Use of simulation modeling. (pdf)

Poreba, G. – Bluszcz, A. – Snieszko, Z.
Study of soil erosion in the small loess agricultural catchment in the light of 137 Cs measurements. (pdf)

Poudel, A.
Mitigation of road construction induced land degradation effects on livelihoods: A case of rural access programme Nepal. (pdf)

Prasad, S.N. – Suryadevara, M.R. – Römkens, M.J.M.
Measurements and analysis of sediment transport capacity in shallow overland flow. (pdf)

Psarrou, M.N. – Lioliou, M.G. – Paraskeva, C.A. –Koutsoukos, P.G. – Østvold, T. – Payatakes, C.
Protection from soil erosion through calcium phosphate precipitation. (pdf)

Rakonczai, J.
Climate change – aridification – changing soil – transforming landscape. (pdf)

Ramezanpour, H. – Akef, M.
Soil degradation of forest lands under udic soil moisture regime of Iran. (pdf)

Ramezanpour, H. – Smaelnejad, L
Study of relationship between different type of erosion and soil properties of marls in Southern Guilan Province, Iran. (pdf)

Raus, L. – Ailincai, C. – Balan, A. – Jitareanu, G.
The effect of different soil tillage systems on soil physical characteristics and crop yield of main crops from the Moldavian Plain, Romania. (pdf)

Ritchie, J.C. – McCarty, G.W.
Using fallout Cesium-137 to understand soil redistribution on agricultural landscapes. (pdf)

Ritchie, J.C. – Pedone , P.
Determining sediment sources in the Hanalei River Watershed, Kaua'i, Hawaii. (pdf)

Rodríguez-Blanco, M.L. – Taboada-Castro, M.M. – Arias-Miguélez, R. – Palleiro-Suárez, L. – Taboada-Castro, M.T.

Metal concentration versus water discharge during single hydrologic events in a small stream (NW Spain). (pdf)
Rodríguez-Blanco, M.L. – Taboada-Castro, M.M. – Taboada-Castro, M.T. – Oropeza Mota, J.L.

Suspended sediments-discharge hysteresis during rainfall events in a small headwater catchment in the NW Spain. (pdf)
Rosner, J. – Zwatz, E. – Klik, A. – Gyuricza, C.
Conservation Tillage Systems – Soil – Nutrient – and Herbicide Loss in Lower Austria and the Mycotoxin Problem. (pdf)

Rouhipour, H. – Ghadiri, H. – Rose, C.W. – Yu, B.
A New Methodology for Velocity Estimation in Sheet and Rilled Overland Flow Using modified Manning's Roughness Coefficient. (pdf)

Rubino, M. – Coppola, E. – Vacca, S. – Dazzi, C. – Capra, G.F. – Buondonno, A.
Change of distribution of soil phenolic matter along profiles of soils with different use. (pdf)

Rubio, C.M. – Josa, R. – Ferrer, F.
Thermal properties as a function of water content in a silty porous media under laboratory conditions. (pdf)

Rusu, T. – Gus, P. – Bogdan, I. – Moraru, P.I. – Pop, A. – Pacurar, I.
Minimum tillage systems and its effect on soil structure, humus conservation and water management. (pdf)

Sadeghi, S.H.R. – Aghabeigi Amin, S. – Vafakhah, M. – Yasrebi, B. – Esmaeili Sari, A.
Time Scale Effects on Accuracy of Sediment Yield Estimation. (pdf)

Sainju , U.M.
Tillage, cropping sequence, and nitrogen fertilization effects on dryland soil carbon sequestration and carbon dioxide emission. (pdf)

Santos, T.E.B. – Arf, O. – Cassioloto, A.R.M. – Paz-Ferreiro, J.
Tillage system and water management effects on soil Respiration and microbial biomass under upland rice in Brazil. (pdf)

Schuller, P.– Iroumé, A. – Walling, D.E. – Castillo, A. – Mancilla, B.
Use of 7 Be measurements to investigate the effectiveness of woody trash barriers in reducing sediment loss after forest clearcutting and their optimum spacing. (pdf)

Schwilch, G. – Bachmann, F. – Gabathuler, E. – Liniger, HP.
A methodology for appraising and selecting strategies to mitigate desertification based on stakeholder participation and global best practices. (pdf)

Senila, M. – Levei, E. – Miclean, M. – Roman, C. – Abraham, B. – Cordos, E.
The influences of the mining activities on surface, underground water and river sediments in Crisul Alb catchment. (pdf)

Sivanpillai, R. – Thurow, T.L.
Hazard management lessons learned through mapping and assessing landslides triggered by Hurricane Mitch. (pdf)

Smetanová, A.
Contribution to the discussion on the origin of bright patches in loessic areas with Chernozems (Case study: selected part Trnavská pahorkatina Hill Land, Slovakia). (pdf)

Solaymani Osbooei, H.R. – Bafandeh Haghighi , M.
Watershed Management Plan for KAROON River in Iran Based on IWM Method (Case Study). (pdf)

Soliemanpour, S.M. – Soufi, M. – Ahmadi, H.
Sediment production by gully erosion in the southwest of Iran, Fars province. (pdf)

Song, N. – Zhang, F.
The Influence of Precipitation Fluctuation on the Farmers' Land Use Behaviors in Farming-grazing Transitional Zone – Taking Ejin Horo Banner in Inner Mongolia of China as a Case. (pdf)

Soufi, M.
The Impact of land use and Soil Characteristics on Gully Formation in an Arid Ecosystem, Southwest of I.R.Iran. (pdf)

Soufi, M. – Davoodi, A.A.
Comparison of Gully Erosion in two Different Climatic and Land Use Conditions in the Central Iran, Markazi province. (pdf)

Soufi, M. – Isaie, H.
The Relationship between gully characteristics and sediment production in the Northeast of Iran, Golestan province. (pdf)

Stamm, V.
Millennium Challenge Corporation – a new actor on the African land policy scene. (pdf)

Stefanovic, M. – Milojevic, M. – Milovanovic, M.
Erosion process in ski centres of Serbia. (pdf)

Stolte, J. – French, H.K.
Stormwater runoff under partially frozen conditions. (pdf)

Subedi, M. – Fullen, M.A. – Booth, C.A. – Sarsby, R.W. – Poesen, J. – Kertész, Á. – Jankauskas, B. – Bhattacharyya, R. – Kugan, R. – Smets, T. – Toth, A. – Szalai, Z. – Jankauskiene, G.

The contribution of biogeotextiles to sustainable development and soil conservation in European countries: The BORASSUS Project. (pdf)
Sun, H. – Liu, J. – Liu, J.
Soil and Water Conservation Management and Design for the Development and Construction Projects of China. (pdf)

Surya, J.N. – Sidhu, G.S. – Lal, T. – Sharma, J.P.
Macro and Micro Level Soil Resource Mapping for Soil Erosion Assessment and Conservation in Shiwalik Region of Himalayas, India. (pdf)

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